Artwood Outdoor Furniture Product Care

 Artwood Timber Maintenance 

No maintenance is required for the first three months. After three months please follow the below care steps: 

  1. Clean the surface of the furniture with a soft cloth. 
  2. Apply the Teak Shield to your table using a soft cloth. 
  3. Wait until dry then the furniture is ready to use again. 
  4. Repeat this process every 4 – 6 months.

Teak Shield is an almost invisible wood protector that utilises nano technology and makes it difficult for water, wine, olive oil and butter to seep into teak. It is also suitable for the protection of indoor wooden furniture. It helps to prevent stains whilst retaining the natural look of the surface and also has a built in mould and mildew inhibitor.

Artwood Outdoor Metal Framing

All of our metal frames have been galvanised and then powder coated in matt black.

Care: If the frame gets dirty or dusty simply wipe with a soft damp cloth. For very dirty framing we recommend Golden Care Powder Coated Cleaner

Artwood Outdoor Weave Maintenance

Maintenance free furniture woven by hand in all weather wicker, (polyethylene), on a      rustproof aluminium frame. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor use, however not suitable for freezing temperatures. May crack after prolonged exposure to strong sunlight and salt. 

Care: We recommend regular washing with water and a soft brush to remove  dirt, dust and salt build up. For very dirty weave we recommend Golden Care Wicker Cleaner.


Artwood Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions are manufactured with quick dry foam and 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric. Cushions should not be left out in humid or wet conditions for prolonged periods of time. 

Care: All covers are removable and washable, however, dry cleaning is recommended for all fabrics. For spot cleaning we would recommend Golden Care Fabric Cleaner. We also have available Golden Care Fabric Protector and Golden Care Fabric and Upholstery Mould and Mildew Remover. Replacement cushions are available in the event of damage.


How long will the outdoor furniture last?

Artwood outdoor furniture is extremely hard wearing. Our outdoor weave is high quality polyethylene, the cushions are a solution dyed acrylic fabric with “quick dry” foam inners, under normal use we have no problem guaranteeing this product for 5 years but in reality, our experience is, it still looks like it’s new when it’s twice that age.

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